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Peru deploys WFEL’s MGB after floods and landslides

Apr 2017

WFEL’s Medium Girder Bridge (credit: Peruvian Army)

Military engineers from Peru’s 9th Armored Brigade installed a WFEL MGB medium girder bridge to restore traffic and communications in the Tumbes region following recent flooding and landslides.

The area recently suffered 12 hours of heavy rain, which led to the Tumbes river overflowing. Some 10,000 people were affected, with homes destroyed and seven schools and one health centre damaged. The heaviest rains were recorded in Puerto Pizarro, where the accumulated total reached 139mm.

The delivery and commissioning of the MGB was carried out only 48 hours after being requested by the regional government. Thanks to the speedy intervention of the Army, the districts of Salamanca and Jardines II — which had been totally cut off — had their health and education services restored.

WFEL bridges have previously been used in civilian relief operations around the world, including in the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami in 2011, following severe flooding in Venezuela in 2010 and in Switzerland during 2015.