Support Services

WFEL’s support services division provides a full inspection, repair and refurbishment services across its entire bridge portfolio.

From our dedicated state of the art facilities at our Stockport headquarters we already handle significant refit agreements with both the US and UK armed forces, restoring a number of bridges returning from active service every year.

In addition we also offer global inspection visits for bridges currently in situ, including those deployed on military operations or in areas that have suffered from a natural disaster, supported by a worldwide spares and repairs service.

Worldwide spares and repairs service
Worldwide spares and repairs service

Our thorough inspections include a detailed report with recommendations on for spares holdings, repairs, training and maintenance. This service ensures equipment is complete and ‘fit for role’ whilst identifying any defects which may lead to an operational failure or delays deployment.

Through our dedicated research and development team we continually explore new ways of making our world-beating bridges perform even better and so systems returning to WFEL for refit support can often be adapted in line with recent advances.

For more information about our bespoke support services packages, global repairs or inspection services, please visit our contact us page to leave a message with our sales team.

Engineering and support services: