MGB Testimonials

WFEL’s Medium Girder Bridge is a light and easily transportable bridging system used by 38 different militaries across the globe.

Night-time emplacement in Iraq

Any trained division can build an MGB in any condition

“The bridge build was delayed several times by traffic congestion from the 3rd Infantry Division moving towards Baghdad. It was night, no natural illumination. Soldiers were navigating with night vision goggles and a limited number of chem-lights. Chemical alerts put soldiers in MOPP 4 conditions for 45 minutes on two occasions. All the time the unit was also focused on building a Medium Girder Bridge — which was emplaced by dawn.”

Cpt. Steven J. Thompson, Commander, 299th Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge), U.S. Armed Forces on crossing the Euphrates River during Objective Peach

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