DSB Testimonials

The Dry Support Bridge is a new generation of tactical military bridging as used by the US Army. Deployable across a 46m gap, by eight soldiers, in under 90 minutes.

Bridging as a commodity

A DSB being transported on a US Army Oshkosh vehicle

“The M-18 Dry Support Bridge is revolutionary compared to the way we’ve been doing bridging of this type up to now, with fewer soldiers required, less time to assemble and disassemble, a greater MLC rating and better transportability.”

LTC Tom Svisco, U.S. Army Product Manager for bridging

Kazer Bridge restoration in Iraq

A DSB as a principle transport route in Iraq

“Though the bridge was constructed quickly, it’s no slapdash structure. It’s a one-lane bridge that can hold 70 tons.”

Specialist Robert Woodward, reporting on the Kazer Bridge Restoration in Iraq, in The Military Engineer Magazine (USA)

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