Medium Girder Bridge

Medium Girder Bridge

Medium Girder Bridge

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The Medium Girder Bridge is a classic piece of engineering. In operation since 1971, when it set new standards for military bridging, today over 500 Medium Girder Bridge (MGB) systems have been purchased by armed forces worldwide, notably the UK, USA and other NATO allies.

WFEL's Double Storey Medium Girder Bridge

Significantly developed from its initial design to its multi-role capability of today, component interchangeability across any bridge of any age has been maintained. MGB units are light, easily transported and can be adapted for most tactical bridging requirements. The MGB system includes piers, pontoons and ferries, all engineered for deployment with minimum manpower.

The MGB meets the evolving needs for bridging equipment across a wide spectrum of requirements, from short irrigation channels, through ravines to large expanses of water. Highly transportable, rapidly deployed, adaptable and cost-effective, it is ideal for a wide range of military or emergency and disaster relief situations.

The MGB is rapidly-deployable, adaptable and cost-effective

Deployment Options

MGB single span bridges can be built as:

  • Single Storey
  • Double Storey
  • Double Storey with Link Reinforcement (LRS)

Different bridge lengths are created by varying the number of bays used to suit the gap being crossed. Each bay is 1.83 metres (6ft) in length; a step change in gap crossing capability being achieved as each bay's configuration is changed from Single Storey to Double Storey and then to Double Storey with a link reinforcement.

Single storey MGBDouble storey MGBDouble storey MGB with link reinforcement set

The three MGB deployment options:

Single Storey to 9.8m, Double Storey to 31.1m, Double Storey with Link Reinforcement to 49.4m - all at MLC 70