Disaster Relief

Military support for Disaster Relief Operations

WFEL's tried and tested military bridges support Emergency Relief operations in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, with rapid and easily-deployable gap crossing capability, as well as the temporary infrastructure crucial to the re-building process.

The rapid deployment of tactical military bridges is critical during natural disasters

When people’s lives depend on being able to cross a gap quickly, only the military have the equipment and training to be able to deploy and respond with the speed required in a natural disaster. Fit, trained and well-equipped, they respond effectively in order to keep the country safe. Many countries are facing extreme weather events on a regular basis and are looking to the Armed Forces for help.

Having Dual-Use equipment - which serves both a military and a humanitarian purpose - enables the military to undertake a double role: responding to a military threat and supporting the public from the effects of natural disasters. WFEL's range of rapidly-deployable bridging systems are frequently used in areas worldwide where natural disasters, including flooding, have ocurred. The speed of response - along with the right equipment - saves lives.

WFEL’s mobile tactical bridges give the military the speed and capability needed to rescue people whose lives are in imminent danger, whether this is on a battlefield or in response to a major natural disaster.